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Review: Heart of the Huntress

Heart of the Huntress
Author: Tess Oliver
Page Count: 236
Release Date: January 21, 2012
Publisher: Createspace
Series: Camille #2
Genres: YA, Romance, Werewolves, Paranormal
Source: Purchased (ebook)
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Camille and Dr. Bennett haven't had much of a chance to hunt werewolves in London anymore. Every since stopping Nathanial's transformation they seemed to have stopped the spread on the werewolf gene.  One day Dr. Bennett receives a letter from a fellow underground scientist in Transylvania, Dr. Fredericks. Wanting to discuss more of his discovers he, Camille, Emily and Nathanial set sail for Romania. Camille isn't having the best of luck on board. She has to pretend not to know Nathanial because it's the ship he works on and because of their different stations. As if that wasn't bad enough. To add to her misery there's a man on board who stares at her as if she were something to eat and some horrid woman just accused Nathanial of attacking her. To her horror he's beaten and chained in the cargo hold. Just when she thinks things couldn't get worse, a terrible storm has just caused their ship to start sinking. A sheep farmer, from a local Romanian village, finds her injured and alone on the beach. Camille knows he isn't telling her something but can't quite figure out what.
I liked this book but not as good as the first one. I'm not against a romance but at times Camille and Nathaniel were nauseating. I mean she can't hardly go an hour without seeing him or she goes off the deep-end thinking he's gone back to his old ways. I liked the setting of the story and the new characters that were added. At first I was thinking there would be vampires, since they're going to Transylvania, but I was wrong.
Camille can be strong when she wants to be but at times she comes across as weak and insecure. Emily is defiantly the more level headed sister and is constantly having to remind Camille how Nathanial feels about her even though it's very obvious. Nathanial still seems like the ideal guy to me. He stays faithful to Camille, even though his handsome and women try to convince him that it's okay to cheat, he turns them down because he only has eyes for one woman. His thoughtful, kind, and strong.
The ending left me wondering what was going to happen with Emily and Arkos. I don't know if there is a third book but if so I will be reading it.
I like the cover but like the first one, the font annoys me. I like the font that reads "Huntress" but not the other one.
Rating: 4/5
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