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Review: In A Heartbeat

In a Heartbeat
Author: Rita Herron
Page Count: 378
Release Date: March 01, 2006
Publisher: HQN
Series: None
Genres: Adult, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Thriller
Source: Purchased (Paperback)
In a Heartbeat
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This book was far from what I normally read but the cover caught my attention and the summary sounded interesting. At first I was confused by the writing style but once I got use to it, I enjoyed the book. This is definitely NOT recommended to anyone under 18 due to the numerous sexual scenes.
There were numerous characters in the book with their own story to tell, so I'll stick with the three main characters. Lisa Langley is the only surviving victim of a serial killer known as the Grave Digger. He buries coffins. I felt sorry for Lisa, she didn't trust many people, especially men. Not that I can blame her, her boyfriend was the original killer. She's pretty much isolated herself from the world. She does, however, have a special place in her heart for her rescuer, FBI Agent Brad Booker. I was glad that by the end Lisa had become stronger and refused to let her past keep her down forever. Brad was a good lead character, he acted all hard and tough but there was a softer side to him although he didn't show it very often. He thinks Lisa is too good for him because of his troubled past and brushes her off a few times but try as he might, he can't deny the fact that he's in love with her. Even if he doesn't want to admit to Lisa or himself.  Vernon Hanks is the typical stalker. He's been obsessed with Lisa ever since he first met her and in true stalker fashion, he tracks her down after four years and follows her every move. He really freaked me out, especially when we was watching her sleep and his thoughts were very deep in the gutter. He was a nasty little man.

I liked the story, it was very believable. When the victims were describing their fear while trapped in those coffins and desperately trying to get a breathe of air, it really freaked me out. Suffocation would be in my top 5 of awful ways to go and since I'm claustrophobic, I think that made it worse. There was some confusion for me though. There were so many characters stories going on here that at times I forgot what character I was reading about. On minute I'm reading about Lisa and then I'm reading about Vernon Hanks or Brad Booker or one of the other numerous characters, in the same chapter. However, I liked the fact that the copycat killer wasn't that easy to figure out, at least not for me. This is the kind of book I could see as a Lifetime Movie.

I liked the ending pretty good but I've seen enough movies to know, pretty much, how it would end. Although, I would have preferred that the last sex scene had been left out. For me, the ending went from romantic to smut.

I like the cover, it's interesting. It's what originally drew me to the book to start with. I also like the tagline on it, "You've stolen my heart. I'm coming back for it" No way I could pass something like that up.

Rating: 4/5

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