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Review: The Valcourt Heiress

The Valcourt Heiress
Author: Catherine Coulter
Page Count: 368
Release Date: October 05, 2010
Publisher: Putnam Adult
Series: Medieval Song #7
Source: Purchased (hardback)
The Valcourt Heiress (Medieval Song, # 7)
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This story is set in 13th century England. Merry, the Valcourt Heiress, has just found out that her mother has sold her to Jason of Brennan, for a hefty sum, so they can wed, just one day after the death of her father. Merry isn't one bit happy about the arrangement and tries to runaway. She's quickly captured by Sir Halric, one of Jason's men and is being escorted back to his master disguised as a boy. She is soon rescued of Garron of Kersey the new Earl of Wareham. When he arrives home he discovers that shortly after his brothers death, a mysterious man known as the Black Demon came and destroyed everything and brutally slaughtered many of his people. Together with Merry and the few remaining people, he work's to restore Wareham to it's former glory.
I liked the story and how Merry and Garron's relationship developed throughout the story. I wouldn't necessarily say it was love at first sight, not on Garron's part anyway. For him it was more like lust. Some of the 13th century lingo gave me a hard time. I got tongue tied and had to re-read some sentences more than once.
I liked the characters. Merry is a strong girl, she's not the whiney little brat that you think an heiress would be. She's not afraid to speak her mind or fight when the time comes; she's a hard worker and cares for the people of Wareham. Garron likes to have her by his side because they have many things in common and it doesn't hurt that she's the only young lady at Wareham. I suppose he's a typical man from that time period. Apparently there are very few ladies at court who haven't enjoyed his company, some more than others. I really liked Miggins, for an old woman she was a firecracker; you never knew what she was going to say next.
The ending was kind of predictably, at least it was to me. There were a few twists in the plot during the last few chapters that I didn't see coming so that was a pleasant surprise. As far as I know there is no sequel and previous books in the series don't need to be read before this; it's a stand-alone book.
As for the cover...I love it!
Rating: 3/5
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